Meet Boomer, The Cute Dinosaur Robot You Didn’t Know You Needed

Entertainment Editor

Sometimes robots are terrifying (e.g. BigDog, Cornell’s stabbing robot, and the robot that thirsts for blood). Other times, they’d make awesome pets (e.g. Robo-roo). Now there’s a robot that’s cute by itself but would probably be terrifying if you were swarmed by fifty of them.

This dinosaur robot is named Boomer, and he was designed by Spin Master, inventors of the similarly-named Zoomer the Robot Dog. We’re betting Boomer will cost around $100 or more, considering their other robotic pet is currently priced at $105.

As you can see in the video below, the dinosaur robot has three modes. When his eyes are green, he follows you around. When you flip him into training mode (Clever girl et cetera et cetera), his eyes turn purple and you can teach him to sit, speak, and eat. He also adorably burps then laughs at his own burps. But if you make him angry — by tugging on his tail for example — his eyes go red and he chomps at you. Curse his sudden but inevitable betrayal!

Via Geekosystem

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