The CW’s ‘iZombie’ Has Cast Its Pouty-Lipped Zombie Girl

03.13.14 4 years ago 8 Comments
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It seems like The CW’s iZombie won’t be sticking particularly closely to its source material, dumping much of the original comic’s whimsy in favor of a police procedural set-up, but hey, let’s be real, people are probably going to give anything about a cute, pouty-lipped zombie girl a chance regardless of plot specifics.

So in other words, choosing the right pouty-lipped zombie girl is pretty important to this show, and I’d say The CW has made a pretty good choice in Rose McIver. Rose can be seen as Tinkerbell in Once Upon a Time and her boobs can be seen on Masters of Sex, but of course her most notable role was the time she played the Yellow Ranger on Power Rangers for a season.


What? Yellow Ranger girl is the only one of us who will ever act again? Awwwww.

Okay, now I want to see some gay were-terrier casting news soon.

via Deadline Hollywood

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