The Dancing Stormtroopers Return With Spice Girls And Swayze In Their Bag Of Tricks

Before Chewbacca Mom laughed her way into our hearts, there was another insta-viral Star Wars indebted clip monopolizing our time. Thanks to our love affair with wookiee-inspired joy, it seems like ages ago that Britain’s Got Talent‘s dancing Stormtroopers planted a flag into every social media service out there. Surprise! That happened earlier this month. (Time is cruel like that.) Still, we’re happy to see the dorky dance entity known as Boogie Storm emptying their bag of tricks at the finals of the British reality show.

This particular go-around was a notably tender affair with a Dirty Dancing sequence serving as the crown jewel of this performance and doubles as an example of what happens if you freebase retro pop culture. Boogie Storm also trotted out choreography to the beefcake meteorological report “It’s Raining Men,” the Justin Bieber anthem “Sorry” and the Girl Power call to arms “Spice Up Your Life.” If you only watch one video where Stormtroopers dance to Madonna’s “Vogue” for the amusement of judge Simon Cowell, this one should tick the necessary boxes. Of course, Sarah Brightman could have already told you that Stormtroopers (er, “Starship Troopers”) are magic on the dancefloor.

“This is one of my favourite acts I’ve ever seen on this show,” declared Cowell. “We embrace people from other galaxies.”

Boogie Storm didn’t end up winning the competition, but a 3rd place finish isn’t too shabby for costumed space dance types. (And you could certainly do worse for geek-friendly novelty acts.) This year’s Britain’s Got Talent champ was illusionist Richard Jones who notched the victory with a military-themed performance designed to pluck the heartstrings of the UK audience.

More importantly: At one point in the competition there was a Beauty and the Beast themed dog dance routine. We are required by cute animal video law to showcase that clip as well. (This is not the dog that hypnotized Simon Cowell. That is a different dog. These shows have a lot of dogs.)

(via Entertainment Weekly)