The Upcoming ‘Daredevil’ Costumes Will Be As Fearless As The Man Without Fear

01.19.16 2 years ago
daredevil season 2


Daredevil comes across as a relatively stylish gent in his Netflix small screen incarnation, but it sure as sugar took a while to get Matt Murdock into his iconic red gear. In the show’s second go-around, not only will we see more costumes as familiar characters roll into Hell’s Kitchen, but “kick-ass costumes” no less.

Daredevil co-executive producer Doug Petrie addressed the subject during a Television Critics Association press conference. ComicBook.Com reports that Petrie not only confirmed that fresh arrival Elektra will sport a costume, but he also says the chosen ensemble fuses function and fashion.

I mean, the short answer is: ‘You’re gonna have to watch,’ but, we were very, very aware of it and, I think, what we were thinking — first and foremost — were two questions. One was what looks cool? How much do we love the comics and can we do that? And, then also, in terms of bringing [actress Elodie Yung] in and her martial arts training – which is so evident in what she does and who she is as a character – what would you really fight in? What would protect you? And, also Elektra isn’t just about protection. She’s a little bit of a stylist, so we threw all that into the mix.

Petrie isn’t the only Daredevil higher-up that’s bullish on the show’s approach to wardrobe design. Co-executive producer Marco Ramirez told the assembled press that the “everybody” will be wearing first-rate costumes that fit the tone of Daredevil. Presumably, that “everybody” claim includes The Punisher in the equation.

Anything like a comic-book costume, to us, a fun part of the challenge is making it organically feel part of the world or the tapestry of the world that makes it seem like season one. So, will people be wearing kick-ass costumes in this show? Yes. Yes, everybody does — we promise! But, that said, we wanted to make it feel as organic and grounded as possible.”

Season two of Daredevil and its promise of “kick ass costumes” will be available for obsessive binge-watching on March 18.


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