All The Easter Eggs And References You Likely Missed In ‘Daredevil’ Season Two

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03.24.16 3 Comments

Have you blitzed through season two of Daredevil yet? If you’re the sort of obsessive that burned through every episode of the Netflix superhero series in one glorious sleep-deprived blur, we admire your hustle, but can’t help but wonder if you may have missed a nod or two tucked into Matt Murdock’s wheelings and dealings.

As is customary with the bulk of buzzed-about geek-friendly cultural offerings, YouTube-based detail detective Mr Sunday Movies has compiled a quick crash course on all the easter eggs, references, and little sneaky secret touches you might have missed along the way. Spoilers abound in the six-minute clip tucked above, so if you don’t want anything big, minuscule, or anything in-between revealed before your viewing, it’s best you fling your laptop across the room for your spoiler-safety. Or better yet, just save this for later.

Sly references on trucks (like a nod to Baldor), cameo character appearances, and homaging/borrowed elements from the comics populate this info-heavy clip. Season two also boasts a variety of interesting nods to the Marvel Cinematic Universe with the notable connections getting some shine from Mr Sunday Movies. Eagle-eyed viewers can catch press clippings tied to the events of The Avengers and there’s also smatterings of Roxxon and Cybertek appearances to obsess over. It’s a good time of year to go easter egg hunting, so hit play and compare notes on what references are lurking in Daredevil‘s new batch of episodes.

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