Charlie Cox Promises A Raunchier Second Season Of ‘Daredevil’

The first season of Daredevil was a lot of things, but chock-full of sex wasn’t one of them. Jessica Jones, though, proved a Marvel series could be as raunchy as it wants to be, so expect Matt Murdock to commit a few different sins next season.

The next season is supposedly arriving soon, and Netflix is beginning a campaign to remind us of just what Daredevil is all about. That includes some pretty cool motion posters:

And a promise from Charlie Cox that Elektra and Matt are going to wreck the furniture in multiple ways:

I think every single man has an Elektra in their past… If you imagine that relationship, a very fiery, very lustful, very loving and hating relationship, and then you add to that two people who know serious martial arts, you’re going to have an interesting dynamic.

This is pretty much fully in line with the comics, where Matt, whatever his faults, tends to be pretty good in the sack, making him one of the more notorious serial monogamists in the Marvel Universe. Of course, it will raise a few questions, not the least of which is what he’ll say to Karen, who he appears to be getting closer to next season. One assumes Matt will be forced to choose between them, unless Karen and Elektra are both surprisingly open-minded. Or Black Widow shows up. Hey, she’s got to get over Bruce sometime.

(via Comic Book)

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