‘Daredevil’s Second Season Is Already Leaking New Character Details

That was fast. In the wake of Daredevil hitting Netflix and essentially ending all productivity on the internet for three days, the second season was unsurprisingly greenlit faster than a flying billy club for a 2016 debut. And, about a month later, audition tapes are already leaking all over the place. Spoilers, of a sort, below.

The video has unfortunately been taken down by Vimeo, but Comic Book has some transcriptions of the tapes… and if they’re not casting for Elektra, then they’re casting somebody who sure sounds a lot like her. One scene is essentially Elektra doing what she does best, namely killing suckers who have it coming, and the other is some flirting between her and Matt Murdock in college, as she mocks his choice in both alcohol and footwear.

This isn’t exactly a big surprise. Elektra is one of the most important characters in the plot arcs the show’s been riffing on, not to mention the love of Hornhead’s life. She even comes up, obliquely, in the law school flashbacks as Foggy tells Matt to, essentially, get over it and find somebody new to hit on. Still, it’s nice to see the show’s not keeping major characters back.

Of course, now we find ourselves wondering where Bullseye fits in. After all, Elektra’s good, but Bullseye? He’s magic.

(via Comic Book)

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