‘Dark Vessel’ Is The Spaghetti Western Robot Revenge Flick We Didn’t Know We Needed

Entertainment Editor
12.03.12 5 Comments

Disney animator Rocky Curby sent us this short film, and what can I say? Murderous robots hellbent on revenge are my jam. The short, Dark Vessel, opens on a robot delivering his last words before being unjustly hanged. He promises to return to the world of the living, in whatever vessel he can enter, in order to wreak revenge on his killers. In the universe of Dark Vessel, robots can bleed and feel pain. If only.

The short was written and directed by Rocky Curby with sound design by Tapio Liukkonen. The robots were voiced by Ed Mace and Tim Simmons. Continue to the video below to see what The Awesomer called, “If Quentin Tarantino had a baby with Pixar and named Sergio Leone as the godfather.” Also, good luck quashing the mental image of Quentin Tarantino getting it on with Luxo Jr. the Pixar desklamp.

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