David E. Kelley’s Wonder Woman Cleared For Takeoff

Entertainment Editor
01.24.11 3 Comments

It seems like just a couple weeks ago that David E. Kelley’s Wonder Woman TV reboot had been Deadline are reporting NBC has picked up the series after all.  NBC had turned it down previously because they were in the middle of hiring and firing due to the Comcast takeover and acquiring the expensive license fee would be a problem.  Now Robert Greenblatt is in charge of primetime programming, and he doesn’t seem to have a problem with paying more for good programming (he greenlit Dexter and Weeds while running Showtime).

New details about the content of the spec script have also surfaced:

The project is described as a reinvention of the iconic D.C. comic in which Wonder Woman — aka Diana Prince — is a vigilante crime fighter in L.A. but also a successful corporate executive and a modern woman trying to balance all of the elements of her extraordinary life. [Deadline]

Wait, she’s going to be a modern business woman trying to have it all? I was just joking when I made that picture a few months ago.  Man, NBC needs to hire me to write their stories.  I’ve got one about a sassy set of roommates who are trying to build a community center and also all of them are legless cats.  Hear me out.

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