DC's Already Teasing Its 2013 Event: "Trinity War"

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04.30.12 6 Comments

Not happy with all the buzz, positive and negative, surrounding “Before Watchmen”, DC is apparently going to take Free Comic Book Day to hype up an event that’s a year away: “Trinity War”.

There’s a lot of faked breathless speculation about what this means, but we all know what this means: Bats, Supes and Wondy getting into a fight. DC can run a line about the “Trinity of Sinners” and “Pandora” all they want: we all know where this one is heading.

And that’s terrible. Scott Snyder is doing great work on “Batman” right now, and Brian Azzarello is writing some of the best Wonder Woman comics to ever hit print. DC rolled the dice and, a few duds aside, came away a winner.

So now they’re going to play it as safe as humanly possible. Come on, DC. This is the New 52! How about innovating by avoiding stupid crossovers nobody wants but will be forced to read anyway? Oh, right, money. Never mind.

image courtesy DC

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