‘Deadpool 2’ Still Dedicated To Being The Underdog: ‘We Don’t Want $150 Million’ Budget

Entertainment Editor
02.23.16 8 Comments

Deadpool had the biggest opening ever for an R-rated movie, was the fastest R-rated film to gross $200 million domestically, and it’s on pace to beat (whip?) Passion of the Christ‘s $611.9 million for the highest-grossing R-rated movie. All that on a budget of only $58 million, a mid-range budget very few movies are allowed to have anymore (conventional wisdom being that only microbudget horror and $150+ million tentpoles can turn a profit) and which required cutting significant sequences and picking X-Men characters so obscure (and inexpensive) that Fox execs literally said, “Negasonic, what?

Deadpool raking in so much cash has already ensured a sequel, which we know a little about, and it also means we may get an R-rated X-Force and an Old Man Wolverine. But will Deadpool 2 become a bloated, overlong mess as the studio tries to jam far too much into it, resulting in another sterile, over-focus-grouped tentpole? Writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick are already on guard against exactly that possibility. They tell Collider:

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