Deadpool Broke A Pile Of International Records, Except In Poland

Deadpool just can’t help breaking records at this point. The smart-assed anti-hero not only did well in the U.S., but the overseas box office reports are in, and overall, Deadpool made almost as much money overseas as he did in the U.S., with $132 million in the bank over the weekend. Let’s look at the records, shall we?

It’s got the biggest opening of all-time in Russia, beating out even Star Wars: The Force Awakens with $12.4 million. It was Fox’s biggest movie in 13 countries, including Australia, Brazil, Taiwan and Hong Kong, no mean feat for a movie banned in China. It was also the biggest opening for an R-rated (or the equivalent of an R-rating, depending on where you are) movie in eleven countries.

The only holdout keeping Deadpool from being a global #1 is Poland. The Polish are apparently a more romantic people than the rest of us, because they turned out in droves for Single Planet, a romantic comedy from Mitja Okorn that’s been out in theaters for a while, making its defeat of the Merc with a Mouth quite impressive. Especially because, uh, well, this is Single Planet:

That said, we doubt Fox is hurt, because Deadpool has made almost five times its budget in four days, and they’re already thinking sequels. Also, Deadpool being Deadpool, we won’t be surprised if he turns up with a copy of Single Planet at his place.

(Via The Wrap)