‘Deadpool’ Is Already Taking Over The International Box Office

We won’t know just how well the Merc with a Mouth will do in American theaters until Sunday morning, but odds are pretty good Deadpool is going to leave the weekend the #1 movie at the Valentine’s Day box office. How do we know this? Because overseas, it’s been out since Wednesday, and Deadpool’s having a party internationally.

First of all, there’s a record they’re going to have endless fun with: Deadpool had the best opening day for a superhero movie of all-time, in Belgium. Would it be too much to ask for them to set the sequel in f*cking Bruges? Also, it’s the top February opening in Australia, knocking Fifty Shades of Grey out of that record. Hey, Deadpool is way more sensitive and erotic; it deserves that record.

Anyway, despite the fact that it’s an R-rated superhero movie, and that Chinese censors are keeping DP off that country’s screens, Deadpool‘s been cleaning house, opening better than X-Men: Days of Future Past in many countries and setting up a fairly epic run overseas. This stands out especially because Days of Future Past was no slouch at the box office, making almost $750 million, with two thirds of that being overseas ticket sales. It doesn’t seem likely Deadpool will break that record, unless a lot goes absolutely right, but if we’ve learned anything, it’s not to count out Wade Wilson.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)