‘Deadpool’ Can Even Make Cancer PSAs Hilarious

Testicular cancer is a very real problem. It’s the most common cancer in young men, with 8,430 new cases diagnosed every year. While it’s not a fatal cancer, as a rule, it’s one people are overly sensitive about because, if you’re lucky, it involves delicate surgery in a sensitive area. If you’re not, it involves a very quick surgery that most people have nightmares about (that’s the one where they remove an entire testicle). Fortunately, Deadpool is hot with the kids right now, so he’s here to offer a very mature and serious look at the unfortunate growth that might be forming on your berries.

Well, mature and serious for Deadpool, which means that this is essentially a solid minute of the testicle with teeth making jokes about testicles. The setting alone is a terrible visual pun. That said, they do hit the crucial points of finding a testicular cancer tumor before it, you know, kills you, so it would behoove you to pay attention, gentlemen, and learn the proper way to examine the groceries before bagging. And be sure to give Deadpool the proper credit if you do find something. After all, being an assassin, he’s got a lot of bad PR; he could use the help.

(Via Bleeding Cool)

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