Ryan Reynolds Shows Off His Best Side In The First Official ‘Deadpool’ Clip

Between jokey ads celebrating Australia Day and poop emoji billboards, the marketing campaign for the upcoming Deadpool movie is getting everything right. Just in case this worries fans who suspect the film itself might not be as good as its advertising, co-creator Rob Liefeld saw an early screening and confirmed that the film’s version of his beloved character was the “best version” he’d ever seen. Even so, 20th Century Fox’s marketing game is still releasing heavy hitters on a daily basis.

Take the first official clip, which was posted to YouTube by 20th Century Fox’s UK channel on Monday. Clocking in at 43 seconds, the short video features a pre-transformation Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) and his girlfriend, Vanessa Carlysle (Morena Baccarin), chatting in bed. The two are talking about how perfect they are for each other, and given Wilson’s sheepish nature in the scene, it’s fairly evident he want to propose. Also, they’re wearing Christmas sweaters.

Is there any action? No. Do either of the villains, Ajax (Ed Skrein) and Angel Dust (Gina Carano), show up to wreak havoc on Wilson and Carlysle’s bedtime parade? Not a chance. It’s just two people sharing an intimate moment, readying themselves to ask each other a very important question. Two very important questions, actually, because it turns out Wilson and Carlysle have two very different proposals in mind.

CARLYSLE: Will you, um, stick in my…

WILSON: …marry me?


Deadpool is going to be a fantastic movie. Oh, and for anyone who thought the film’s Valentine’s Day marketing was all a big joke? Well, it was, but according to this clip, Ryan Reynolds’ bare ass will make at least one appearance in the film. So, comic book movie geekery and R-rated violence aside, at least there will be something for anyone who watches the film just for the sex appeal of Blake Lively’s husband.

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