The New ‘Deadpool’ Poster Shows Off The Antihero’s Cheeky Assets

Did you happen to miss this momentous Thanksgiving message to the masses? Ryan Reynolds may have been born to play the titular Deadpool, for he has truly embraced every aspect of production and promotion on this movie. The man lobbied hard, and he’s so overjoyed to be back in comic-book territory after, well, that Green Lantern debacle. He wants to make sure this new movie scores as large an audience as possible, and perhaps it will hit big during the otherwise lackluster February month of cinematic doom.

Reynolds has willingly embraced his character in any number of silly scenarios thus far. He wore the cute little outfit to celebrate Mother’s Day and to cheat his way through Halloween. (Don’t give me that documentary excuse. Reynolds only wanted an excuse to wear the Deadpool costume again.) He loves the bloody thing so much he cried upon witnessing its magnificence for the first time, and he has (likely on more than one occasion) sprawled out near a fireplace to make it super hot.

Speaking of spicy, Deadpool now features in his own international poster, and this one is a doozy. Look at this saucy fellow looking over his shoulder. He’s teasing you through that fourth wall, and he knows what you’re thinking. In fact, he encourages as much. Nice work, promotional team, for calling this poster “cheeky.”

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