The Second ‘Deadpool’ Post-Credits Scene Confirms A Major Character For The Sequel

Warning: Major Deadpool post-credits scene spoilers ahead! Proceed at your own risk, jerks!

So, as we’ve known for a while, Deadpool will have a post-credits scene. Actually, it turns it has two codas. Again, turn back if you don’t want details about these scenes.

The first coda, which was shown to fans at recent preview screenings, basically riffs on the whole post-credits phenomena. After the names have rolled, Deadpool comes out in a Ferris Bueller bathrobe, tells everybody to go home and not to expect Sam Jackson or anybody else to pop up, because they don’t have the money for post-credits cameos. Cut to black. This is all the preview audiences saw.

Ah, but in the version of the movie that will be released to the public, Deadpool will then come back out, matter-of-factly announce Cable will be in the next movie and delve into a bit of casting speculation (Mel Gibson? Dolph Lundgren? Kiera Knightley?) before telling the audience to go home again. Don’t believe me? Both scenes have leaked online – you can check them out here (for now).

Of course, it hasn’t been a huge secret that Reynolds and the writers of Deadpool want to bring Cable in for Deadpool 2, but actually committing to it on film pretty much cinches it. Excited for a little Deadpool-Cable odd couple action? Who would you cast as Cable?

(Via Cosmic Book News)

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