Deadpool Visits Marvel HQ, Wolverine Confirmed, Plus A Hands-On With The Deadpool Video Game

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05.30.13 3 Comments

We already suspected Wolverine would be in the upcoming Deadpool video game (trailer here). Now High Moon Studios has confirmed Wolverine will appear in the third-person shooter written by Daniel Way.

The Deadpool game will also include appearances by Cable, Domino, Rogue, Psylocke, Mr. Sinister, and the Marauders. It comes out this June 25th for the PS3 and Xbox 360.

To promote the game, Marvel has released a couple of videos in which Deadpool visits Marvel Headquarters. We put part two first because it involves lots of Deadpool swearing. They know what we like. The other video follows Deadpool as he applies for a job at Marvel. The guy playing him sounds like he might be Jon Glaser in a padded suit. If that isn’t Jon Glaser then, well, “I was misinformed.”

And here’s a disappointingly truncated look at the game, which will demo at MCM London Comic Con this weekend.

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