‘Deathmatch’ Is The Most Hilariously Cynical Comic Book Coming

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09.24.12 6 Comments

Whenever the Big Two throw a crossover, inevitably the question turns to who will experience a cheap death and then return a year or so later in a shocking twist.

So Boom! has decided to turn that on its head, by giving us what we really want to see: Superheroes killing the ever-loving crap out of each other in a book called Deathmatch.

And, even better, you can have a fantasy draft to bet on who gets sent to Justice League Detroit.

No, seriously, Boom! is actually handing out kits to comic stores so that fans can “draft” various heroes (all of which are DC/Marvel analogues, of course) to vote on who will put who in the ground during Deathmatch.

As for the creative team behind this, that’s actually good news too. Paul Jenkins is handling the writing chores and Carlos Magno is handling art. As you can see, Magno is approaching the book with a bit of a sense of humor about the whole thing, amping up the Liefeldian aspects of his art style in a few cases.

For myself? I plan on playing along. The first issue will be a dollar, in keeping with Boom!’s policy, and this is the company currently publishing the hilarious Extermination and quite good Hypernaturals. Boom! does have a good handle on superhero comics, and I’m looking forward to this.

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