'Dishonored' Lets You Choose Between Being A Detective Or Just Murdering Everyone

08.20.12 6 years ago 2 Comments

If you’ve been following our coverage of Dishonored, you know the game is all about giving the player options. So far, we’ve brought you trailers that detail the many ways you can escape from a tight spot and horribly murder people, but the game also lets you solve mysteries in a variety of ways.

For instance, in the “Lady Boyle” mission, you have to infiltrate a fancy party and eliminate a woman named Boyle. Just one problem — it’s a costume party and everyone’s wearing masks. Oh, and also there are three Lady Boyles at the party. So, what do you do? Figure out which is the right Lady Boyle and take her out, or just say “f–k it” kill all three? Slaughter everyone in sight, or find a totally non-lethal solution? Dishonored gives you all these options.

Hit the jump for video of Dishonored creative director Raf Colantonio describing the intricacies of the Lady Boyle mission…


Okay, I wanted this game before, but now I really want it. Adding some adventure game elements is always an easy way to get me on board.

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