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In 1979, Disney’s The Black Hole was the most expensive movie Disney had made yet ($20 million to film and $6 million to advertise), and it grossed $36 million.  It was inspired by Jules Verne’s Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, but was set in space to gently caress the cash cow capitalize on the success of Star Wars.  It was also the first Disney movie to include swearing and an on-screen death, so it had that going for it, which is nice.  Since aliens are all the rage again, Disney is remaking it, and has already hired three members of the team working on the Tron remake.  Here’s a synopsis:

[The USS Cygnus hovers] outside a black hole, unaffected by its pull. The main characters aboard another ship, the Palomino, discover this long-lost ship and have to board it for repairs. All that’s left of the crew is Doctor Hans Reinhardt and a bunch of creepy droids, of course the doctor has sunk deep into madness and calamity ensues. [io9]

Random trivia: the Humanoid action figure from this movie is one of the rarest 3.25 inch action figures in the world. If you have one still on the card, you should sell it and buy deodorant (I’m just sayin’).

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