DNA Robots Bring Healing Factor That Much Closer to Reality

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OK, so the image of the evil Terminator spiders is just a little misleading, but the robots in this article don’t look quite as cool.

It’s long been a dream here at Gamma Squad to unleash hordes of tiny little robots on all who annoy us, and science, Xenu bless it, is getting closer and closer to making our dreams come true.

The magazine Nature has, in its latest issue, a paper describing the latest work in nanotech; robots built out of DNA that can manipulate gold particles into eight different forms at New York University, which means we have a highly workable nanotech assembly line, and Columbia University has engineered a robot out of DNA that can start, stop, and turn. So now, in addition to getting DNA all over your computer, you have a reason to have DNA that isn’t yours all over your pants.

OK, so it’s not exactly becoming Wolverine by injection just yet, or that awesome moment in “Doom 2099” where Dr. Doom slams the people who’ve taken over America with a goop that dissolves everything it touches while eating into an insane Captain America’s central nervous system and inflicting him with horrible pain (screw you, the 2099 series rocked the house). There’s still a long way to go before we have “World’s Stupidest Nano-Tech Accidents” on TruTV. But we believe, dammit. We believe.

[ via Wall Street Journal ]

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