Do It Yourself RC Nerf Tank, For When You Kinda’ Wanna’ Annoy People (Video)

08.27.10 8 years ago 2 Comments

Ever wish you could build yourself a tiny, RC-powered tank that fired ammunition just powerful enough to annoy the sh*t out of the people you work with? Well, great news, because your prayers have been answered -so it’s cool to get up off those knees now (whatever it is you were doing down there). User travis7s, over at, recently posted a DIY walkthrough for building your very own Nerf-caliber RC tank. Had I been approached with a concept like this when I was ten, my head would have literally exploded.

This was one of the more fun projects I’ve attempted and I’m fairly pleased with the results.

Most of the parts and skills used in this project are from my fighting robot hobby. It might seem like a complex project but anyone with basic handy-person skills and willing to do the research could build a similar machine.

I’m not much of a computer aided design guy, I tend to get a picture in my head and go with that. I made a list of things I wanted the machine to include. Some made it and some didn’t. You can also clearly see how good of an artist I am. [Instructables]

Be sure and notice the banner picture above for travis7s’ list of “Key Points”. Yeah, that’s right, the eighth mention he lists is “Music!!!”, because who really wants to f**k around with a Nerf gun unless there’s some King Diamond blaring in the background? A full rundown of the build can be found over here along with additional photos and reader comments.

Video after the jump of duder lighting up his girlfriend with the tank’s Nerf ammunition:

Special thanks to CrunchGear for the tip.

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