‘Doctor Strange’ Has Finally Revealed Mads Mikkelsen’s Villain

Doctor Strange has a lot of question marks, and one of them is just who Mads Mikkelsen is playing. Our only clue was the freaky makeup he’s been going around in and a few remarks to the effect of “no comment.” Fortunately, Marvel has spilled the beans, albeit in an unexpected place.

Yesterday, the company rolled out a comics “prelude” to the movie, and now we know why we couldn’t figure out just who Mikkelsen is, because Marvel went and reinvented a scrub. The actor is playing Kaecilius, one of Baron Mordo’s goons in the comics. Kaecilius in the comics is a bad guy in a purple unitard and a gold hood, a look that unsurprisingly Marvel has set aside.

This does, of course, raise a few very interesting questions. The biggest is what elevates Kaecilius, who’s the supervillain version of an assistant to the regional manager in the comics, from a nobody to a world-ending nightmare. One assumes it has something to do with his new look — namely that his skin is peeling away to reveal a purple-skinned entity underneath. The reveal of Kaecilius may also offer an interesting twist in that Baron Mordo has to swallow his contempt of Strange and they have to work together to save the world.

We’ll find out this November.

(Via ScreenRant)