Doctor Who Theme With Tesla Coils and a Faraday Suit

05.26.10 9 years ago 2 Comments

Arc Attack performed at the Bay Area Maker Faire this past weekend, and by “performed” I mean “rocked my face off”.  Their set included the Doctor Who theme played in the most fitting way: with two Tesla coils and a Faraday suit to direct a half million volts of electricity shooting out in bolts of up to 12 feet long. Let’s see a sonic screwdriver do that.  Oh, it can?  Well, I’ll be damned.

If they could figure out some way to involve a moog, a theremin, and some Eigenharps in this, it would create a nerd vortex so strong that not even complaints about the Star Wars prequels could escape its pull.


Related video: “The Imperial March” performed with Tesla Coils and a Faraday suit here.

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