Donald Glover Talks About His 'Amazing Spider-Man' Easter Egg

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04.10.12 6 Comments

The internet campaign to get Donald Glover an audition to play Spider-Man may not have worked, but Amazing Spider-Man director Marc Webb did drop a Donald Glover reference into the set design of Peter Parker’s bedroom. Is it going to be a Community reference? A poster for Glover’s rap alter ego Childish Gambino? An Inspector Spacetime poster? A nod to his stand-up or to Mystery Team? Since Glover had to sign off on the use of his image, MTV asked him what Easter egg we can expect to find in Spidey’s bedroom.

The video is below, but let’s get right to the pertinent information:

Glover even joked that Peter could have DVDs from 30 Rock, the show he wrote for before starring on Community. “He has all the 30 Rock DVDs, and he has my name circled on all of them. It’s like a Cape Fear thing where he’s doing pushups and stuff and it’s kind of like he’s out for me.” [MTV]

Still better than Spider-Man 3.

[Sources: MTV and @DonaldGlover]

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