The New ‘Doom’ Has A Release Date And A Fresh Blood-Drenched Trailer

02.04.16 2 years ago 6 Comments

Want to see a lot (I mean, a lot) of demons getting splattered into red jelly? Of course you do. Well, good news, because we have a new Doom trailer just for you! It focuses on the game’s main campaign, but it doesn’t bother itself with any story, dialogue or context of any kind. It’s just wall-to-wall ultraviolence, which is as it should be.

The new Doom also has a release date, and it’s sooner than some were expecting. How soon? The game arrives on PC, Xbox One and PS4 on May 13. In addition to the regular version of the game, you can pre-order a $120 collector’s edition that includes a super detailed monster statue that looks pretty rad, but is too gross to actually display anywhere in your house.



I have to say, I’m more excited for Doom than I thought I’d be. When it comes to shooters, I’m old-school all the way. If there’s cover and regenerating health, I’m not that interested. Give me run-and-gun action and ammo and health pickups, thank you very much. Keeping that in mind, it looks like this new Doom should satisfy old cranks like me, while introducing some new features for the kids.

What do you think? Ready to bust out your BFG 9000s again?

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