Drac's Back — Castlevania Set to Return in a Big Way With Multiple New Games

2010’s Kojima-produced reboot of the Castlevania series, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, was a moderate success, but since then it’s been all quiet on the Dracula fighting front. No real talk of a sequel, no new handheld games, no nothing.

Well, E3 is fast approaching, and the power of the expo seems to have got the Castlevania franchise stirring in its coffin. There’s a very good chance two new Castlevania games will be officially unveiled at the show.

First, we have Castlevania: Mirror of Fate, a new 2D-style Castlevania for the 3DS. Interestingly, rumor is Konami isn’t developing this game internally like past 2D handheld Castlevania games — instead it’s likely being handled by MercurySteam, the team behind Lords of Shadow. Word is the game will make use of the 3DS’ underused cameras in some sort of interesting way, and be able to interact with another new Castlevania game on the WiiU.

Wait, another Castlevania game on the WiiU? Yup, it’s all but confirmed that Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 is coming for WiiU, PS3, Xbox 360 and PS Vita. Rumor is the WiiU was originally going to get an exclusive Castlevania game, but plans changed and now it’s simply getting a port of Lords of Shadow 2 with some unique features and the ability to connect to Mirror of Fate.

So folks, are you excited to break out the whip and holy water again?

via Eurogamer & GoNintendo