Dude Proposes Via Custom Programmed Super Mario World

09.17.10 8 years ago 2 Comments

I like to think that I’ve thumbed through, author Mickey Royal‘s , The Pimp Game: Instructional Guide enough times to really understand how to go about proposing to a beautiful woman -and yet still I am amazed that I never once considered reprogramming a classic video game. Well, I guess back to the drawing board for me, but not so for Adam Lynch -the stud geek who programmed a 5-level custom version of Super Mario World, solely for the purpose of his girlfriend beating the game and, in turn, having Mario ask for her hand in marriage.

Per Mr. Lynch’s bride-to-be, the illustrious Desiree:

Saturday September 11th…he tells me he’s been playing around with programming video games. I think this is an awesome idea; he has been so busy at work that I have been trying to motivate him to do something that makes him happy. So he tells me, play my game, I put a spin on Super Mario World.

Holy crap, that might just be the BEST pickup line ever: “Hi, play my game, I put a spin on Super Mario World”. Genius. Anyway, Desiree admits that she sucked so bad at the game that she basically had to have her fiance do all of the work (women…).

So together we finished it ( he doing most of the work…) then it goes to the little cut scene and says “what is next for the hero”…so I go to the next level and a black text box pops up with white lettering that said “Will you marry me”…

So there you have it, love in the HD digital 8-bit age.

Screen caps of the custom Super Mario World after the jump:

A mighty salute to SuperPunch for the tip.

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