A ‘Dungeons And Dragons’ Movie Is In The Works At Warner Bros.

It’s been 15 years since the Jeremy Irons-led Dungeons & Dragons movie hit theaters and thusly fizzled into oblivion. Now it looks like Hasbro and Sweetpea Entertainment are ending their legal battle over who owns the game rights to team up with Warner Bros. for a new movie adaptation of the classic role playing game. The film doesn’t have a director or cast as of yet, but the script has already been written by David Leslie Johnson (The Conjuring 2, Wrath of the Titans). Via The Wrap:

“We are so excited about bringing the world of ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ to life on the big screen,” said Greg Silverman, president, creative development and worldwide production at Warner Bros. Pictures. “This is far and away the most well-known brand in fantasy, which is the genre that drives the most passionate film followings.”

A new fantasy film franchise is something Warner Bros. has been seeking since the Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter movies both ended their run. While the company has a pretty sizable film slate with their DC Comics properties, the burgeoning LEGO franchise, and JK Rowlings’ upcoming Fantastic Beasts, adding another bankable movie series to the mix is always desirable. Given the fantasy dice game’s lasting popularity for the past four decades, Dungeons & Dragons might just be the company’s next meal ticket.

Sure, the movie isn’t cast yet, but may I make a suggestion Warner Bros.? Put notorious Hollywood D&D nerd Vin Diesel in this movie. I’m sure he’s not busy at all.

(Via The Wrap)