Early Panels: Three Comics I’m Reading Tomorrow

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09.11.12 2 Comments

New Comic Book Day, a holiday that refuses to become more than informal, is upon us tomorrow, and here are three books I’m definitely reading.

The Creep #1

John Arcudi’s new book, with art by Jonathan Case, had a superb #0 issue last month, and I’m intensely curious to see where Arcudi takes the concept. The fact that his hero isn’t just “ugly”, but actually suffers from a real condition, acromegaly, just makes it more interesting.

He-Man and The Masters of The Universe #2

The first issue, by James Robinson, was mostly set up but it had a strong concept and I was interested in issue #2. As I’ve noted before, Keith Giffen is taking over, and writing it like he’s turning out a Conan book. The master smart-ass of comics writing a barbarian book? This I’ve got to see.

It Girl and the Atomics #2

While I never really got into Madman, I always did like the book, and this take on the superteam featured in its page managed to make it clear it was part of a larger universe without losing new readers. Hey, that alone is worth a second issue.

Let’s talk some comics: Here’s tomorrow’s release list to help you jog your memory.

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