Easter Dogs Present The Links

Meme Watch: Ridiculously Photogenic Guy Is Making The Internet A More Attractive Place |UPROXX|

20 Creepy Print Ads That Will Give Your Heebie Jeebies the Willies |Warming Glow|

The Miami Heat And Oklahoma City Thunder Just Sold The NBA Finals |Smoking Section|

Blake Lively gets double teamed by drug dealers |Film Drunk|

The Dugout Opening Days ’12: Tampa Bay Rays |With Leather|

Texts From Hillary Wins The Internet Today |UPROXX|

‘Anchorman’ + ‘Hunger Games’ = Classy GIFs |UPROXX|

Jesse Eisenberg’s sister is that girl from those Pepsi commercials |Film Drunk|

Give Me All The Years Without A Championship You Have |With Leather|

Is Jennifer Love Hewitt the Most Consistently Attractive ‘90s TV Star? |Warming Glow|

21 Hilarious How-To Books |HuffPost Comedy|

Lock & Load: The Movie Supercut |High Definite|

10 Things You Can Make With A Cadbury Creme Egg |The FW|

Watch a Trailer for the New Season of Eagleheart |Adult Swim|

A Gallery of Video Game Creatures Brought to Life |Unreality|

Hermit Crab Decides LEGO Shell Good Enough for Home |Technabob|

All Hail Sarah Jean Underwood, the Winner of Esquire’s Hottest Woman of 2012 Bracket |Brobible|

30 Practical Tips About the Horrors of Raising a Baby That You Will Never Learn from Movies and TV |Pajiba|

VIDEO BELOW: Dog leading the blinds |via TDW|

[Pictures via WarmingGlow and Buzzfeed.]