Economists Make Their Final Confessions In The Best Of #EndOfTheWorldEconfessions

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12.26.12 3 Comments

Last Friday was the final day on the Mayan Long Count calendar. Some people thought his meant the world was ending, even though the Mayans didn’t believe that. People predicting the end of the world have something in common with economists, in that both can make ridiculous predictions and face little to no consequences for being wrong. So perhaps it’s fitting that economists on Twitter made their final confessions via the hashtag EndOfTheWorldEconfessions.
It started when @DrGooseEcon made a joke and hashtagged it as an economist’s confession. Soon after, others were making nerdy math and economics jokes in the form of a confession. Any time you’ve got a bunch of people making nerdy puns, we’ll be there.
Our 30 favorite puns and fake admissions from #EndOfTheWorldEconfessions are collected below. Thanks to Freakonomics for the assist.

Here’s the unassuming tweet that started it all.

I’d watch Walrus Court.

An economic who votes? So rebellious.

There’s always one of these.

Sh-t just got real.

I think I was roommates with this guy.

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