EcoRoamer: The Apocalypse-Ready RV

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04.15.10 5 Comments

Will YOU be ready when the chainsaw polar bears come?

Jay Shapiro designed this custom RV to travel around the world without overly damaging, or depending too heavily upon, the surrounding environment.  The RV provides its own power with ~2 kilowatts worth of solar panels and a backup diesel generator.  It’s made from common Ford F-650 parts and a Caterpillar C7 diesel engine, so replacement parts can be found in most countries.  It holds 130 gallons of fuel and 150 gallons of water, or 280 gallons of Nesquik (that’s how I roll).  The engine and water heater can run on biofuel or diesel.  It has two small fridges, a two-burner electric stove, a working sink, a convection/microwave dual oven, a washer/dryer, a networked printer, a router, and a four-terabyte hard drive.  It even broadcasts a wi-fi signal about a mile in every direction and can purify water quickly enough for the Shapiros’ use, with enough extra clean water for other people in the vicinity:

What sets the EcoRoamer apart from similar vehicles are its sophisticated and robust living systems. […] The purification system was designed by NASA for space flight, and it uses five filters to turn almost anything liquid into potable water. The truck can even recycle liquid waste into drinkable water, though the Shapiros don’t plan on making use of the capability. Open up the side of the truck out back and there are two faucets marked “pond in” and “village out.” The family’s goal is to clean well or pond water for anyone who needs it as they travel. [Jalopnik]

Hit the jump (or lovingly caress its cheek with your fist) for a picture gallery and an uneventful video of it off-roading in Michigan.  Somebody needs to CGI some zombies and explosions and polar bears with chainsaws into that video to do it justice.

[More pics at Jalopnik]

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