Edgar Wright Posts Ant-Man's Suit, From The Back

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10.03.13 10 Comments


Drink it in, folks. This is your first still image of Ant-Man. Well, a stuntman playing Ant-Man, as Ant-Man hasn’t actually been cast yet. But still, it gives us an idea of what Wright’s going for.

Here’s the full image. This appears to be from Wright’s demo reel that he showed off earlier in the year, but it’s still probably the clearest look we’ve gotten.


Mostly what one takes away from this is that Wright’s Ant-Man will have a far less goofy suit than the comics version. Sorry, but there’s only so seriously you can take a guy wearing a motorcycle helmet with deely-bobbers glued to the front. The little stubby antennae actually look like something you’d strap to your head. Although apparently he still needs the vocoder strapped to the front.

It’ll be interesting to see how Ant-Man does, not least because it’s currently on schedule to arrive in summer 2015, a film season that’s already surprisingly crowded with franchises. But hey, if nothing else, it’s nice to see Hank Pym finally getting his due.

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