Sharlto Copley Trashed Matt Damon’s Trailer While Filming ‘Elysium’ (Plus Video)

Yesterday, the extended trailer for Neill Blomkamp’s Elysium thoroughly convinced us to check it out. Now we have a short clip featuring Sharlto Copley as Agent Kruger, a psychopathic assassin living among the proletariat while killing for Elysium’s bourgeoisie. More importantly, Copley says he trashed Matt Damon’s trailer.

Copley told EW he got so into his character that he trashed Matt Damon’s trailer while Damon was away visiting family. Here’s the scene Damon found when he returned to set via a red-eye flight.

“I had made his trailer look like Kruger and his henchmen had been living in the trailer for a week. There were bloodied limbs in the shower and the sink. There was blood on the sheets. I had left all my dirty clothes from the movie — my underwear, smelly socks — in his bed. There was porn in the DVD player. You know, just trash, everywhere. The poor guy walks in, exhausted, just wanting to have a lie-down, but he had to wait an hour or two while the cleaners cleaned his trailer.” [EW]

He adds that Damon didn’t seem to find it funny at the time, but “I don’t feel that sorry for him. I mean, he didn’t have to clean it himself.”

We have to know which porn it was. If it wasn’t Good Will Humping, it’s a woefully missed opportunity.

So, to summarize, it’s this guy:

Versus this guy:

Trailers will be laid to ruin. AUGUST 9TH.

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