Enthiran (Robot) Is Delightfully Insane

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01.27.11 3 Comments

Enthiran (Robot) is a Tamil-language Indian film released on 2250 screens worldwide on October 1st of last year, making it the biggest opening (in terms of number of screens) for an Indian film.  It also had the largest opening weekend gross for an Indian film, likely earning back its entire budget in three days despite being the most expensive Indian film ever made ($35-40 million).  Oh, and did I mention it’s completely f*cking insane?  Yeah, that too.

Two clips after the jump show some of the craziest excerpts from the 155 minute film.  Rajinikanth plays the role of a professor who created an android in his likeness.  The android falls in love (as they do) with the professor’s unusually hot fiancée (Aishwarya Rai).  The professor’s competitor (Danny Denzongpa) copies the design to create an army of identical, evil, Voltron-like androids.  Then it gets weird.

Since the clip is in both Tamil and Russian (I think), I’ll try to explain a little.  Androids have awesome magnetism powers, they’ll create giant snakes and other cool sh*t out of their own bodies when you get a bunch of them together, Indian people freakin’ love dancing, and this android has a “Mosquito mode” which lets him have conversations with mosquitoes because you need that.  I also noticed they gave the mosquito who was drinking blood a male-sounding voice when only female mosquitoes bite . . . Pfft, so unrealistic.  Everything was believable until they had to go and ruin it like that.

That last scene with the schoolkids is also the last scene of the movie (uh, spoiler alert, I guess?).  That scene is supposed to be twenty years in the future, after the android dismantled himself to protect the professor and his fiancée from further danger.  Now he’s in a museum and a kid asks why he was taken apart; the android’s head responds, “I started to think.”  Whoa. Literature.

Here are some clips from earlier in the film.  They aren’t as crazy as the video above, but at least there’s Mosquito Mode, which is useful and not at all ridiculous.

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