Everybody’s Really Athletic In This New ‘Gotham’ Teaser

Senior Contributor

Well, we guess Gotham takes place before Gordon starting smoking, so yeah, he’s still pretty sprightly. But it also looks like Selina Kyle, in this show, is basically Catwoman already.

Ostensibly this thirty second clip is about the “mythology” of the show, which is really Jada Pinkett Smith talking about how she likes backstory for five seconds before making with the characters in short little clips. Mostly, though, only young Catwoman gets more than a few frames at a time. Here she is showing off the skybox they got from the Arkham games!



Also, she steals an old lady’s groceries, you know, because robbing the elderly is how you build sympathy and interest in a character. Still, if nothing else, it gives us more of a sense of what the show’s aiming for, and it’s beginning to look a lot more ambitious than just Lt. Gordon And The Batman Babies. We’ll see just how much September 22nd.

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