Exclusive Preview: ‘Blue Beetle’ #16

DC has sent along a preview of next week’s issue of Blue Beetle. So what’s Jamie Reyes been up to?
Oh, getting dragged into a brutal alien reality show.
Blue Beetle #16 builds on the newly launched Threshold; Lady Styx is trying to drag Jamie into The Hunted against his will, and Jamie isn’t going down without a fight.
Tony Bedard is a name comics fans will be familiar with: He wrote Exiles, has a long history with Valiant, and since 2006 has been working at DC, writing everything from Black Canary to his current gigs writing Green Lantern: New Guardians and Jamie’s misadventures in space.
Marcio Takara, meanwhile, is probably best known for his work on Incorruptible, and handles both penciling and inking chores as a general rule. His art’s noted for a loose and dynamic style that really suits a book like this, where Jamie tends to be thrown great distances, among other problems a superhero runs into.
Speaking of which, here’s how Jamie is doing against some of Lady Styx’s… ah… “recruiters”. The full book will be on the stands next week.