Exclusive Preview: ‘Stormwatch’ #16

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01.07.13 2 Comments

For your delectation today, we’ve got a preview of Stormwatch #16, courtesy Peter Milligan as writer and Will Conrad on art.

Milligan will be a name familiar to long-time comics fans. He got his start in the US working on the more extreme edge of DC’s books in the early ’90s, writing Shade: The Changing Man and miniseries like The Enigma and The Extremist. Less extreme but still superb was his work on The Human Target, taking a fairly cheesy idea and turning it into a serious exploration of identity.

But he’s also good with mainstream superheroes: He helped create Azrael, retooled X-Force with Mike Allred, and now, he’s working on Stormwatch after taking over for Paul Cornell with issue #9.

As the issue picks up, pretty much everybody is after the Midnighter, accused of pretty much every awful crime you can think of. This includes Apollo, so, needless to say, the Midnighter’s got a pretty serious problem on his hands.

We don’t want to spoil the whole story, of course, so take a look at these opening pages…

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