Exclusive Preview: ‘The Savage Hawkman’ #16

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01.29.13 2 Comments

DC has sent along an exclusive preview of The Savage Hawkman #16, the next step in a highly entertaining arc.
The Savage Hawkman is, you might remember, one of the books Rob Liefeld was working on before he decided Twitter fits were more fun, which left the book’s current arc, “Hawkman: Wanted”, in the far more capable hands of Frank Tieri. Tieri, who had been writing the dialogue, has done a fun job with a guest-star-laden arc when Hawkman, having discovered that he’s not in fact an American archaeologist but rather Katar Hol, a Thanagarian, and he’s supposedly killed the Thanagarian emperor, Corsar.
Except, as you’ll see on the preview pages… not so much.
The art is a lot of fun for ’90s kids such as yours truly. The pencils are by Joe Bennett, who’s been working in American comics for nearly twenty years, and the inks are by Art Thibert, who was pretty much the inker for X-Books for more than a decade. Bennett and Thibert, who’ve largely handled the art on this arc with some contributions by others, actually work extremely well together, and it makes you wonder why, since they were both at Marvel, they never really worked together on any consistent basis.
But enough about the book, here’s a preview of what’s hitting the stands tomorrow:

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