Exclusive Preview: ‘Wonder Woman’ #26

12.13.13 4 years ago


Wonder Woman is one of DC’s best comics. And, after the surprises in recent arcs, it’s just getting better. But Wondy still has problems, as this preview demonstrates.

Brian Azzarello’s take on Wonder Woman has been one of the biggest successes, artistically, of the New 52. As I’ve noted elsewhere, it can be difficult for writers to get a handle on her, but Azzarello’s depiction of a compassionate, decent person staring down inhuman, dispassionate gods has been an epic tale with some great twists to it.

And the introduction of Orion has just made it better, albeit it was a take from out of left field. Orion ofter serves as a foil for Wondy; he’s loud, he’s dumb, and he often acts before he thinks. He may mean well, but it often means Wondy has to save his bacon. Like, say, in this scene, that opens Wonder Woman #26.








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