‘Extreme Amazing Super-Chess’ Is How Chess Was Meant To Be Played

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08.08.13 4 Comments

BBC 3's extreme amazing super chess is how chess was meant to be played

BBC Comedy made a web exclusive parody video which imagines a fictional game of “New World New Chess” between Nigel Short and Garry Kasparov. It is, as one Redditor described it, the chess version of Calvinball. A player opens with the “Humperdink Shrug” gambit and it gets progressively sillier from there.

It’s written an performed by John Luke Roberts and directed by Steve Dawson. Referencing the Christmas Truce was an especially nice touch. We also liked these comments from an alternate embed of the video:

“You can’t upgrade from pawn straight to chessatron, you have be a pawntron first, unless the queen has learned forth evolving spell which costs 4 monopoly hotels and can only be done every third move anyway.”

“As a professional Chess player, this offends me. Short could have easily turned this around with an UNO wild card.”

Personally, we would have turned it around with a Black Lotus card, but an UNO wild card is okay if it’s Queensbury rules New World New Chess. Punching is also accepted.

(H/T: Fernacular and Reddit)

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