‘Fallout 3’ Has Been Unbanned In Germany, And Signs May Point Toward A Remake

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Bethesda just got Fallout 3 unbanned in Germany, which may not seem like a huge deal, but it may point to something big in the future. Germany’s Department for Media Harmful to Minors indexed Fallout 3 back in 2009, making the game much harder to legally acquire in the country. Getting off Germany’s no-no list requires a number of complex steps, costs thousands of dollars and is rarely successful, but Bethesda went through the trouble of doing it anyways.

Why? Well, speculation is rampant that Bethesda is prepping some sort of major re-release for Fallout 3. When asked by IGN why they bothered to get Fallout 3 unbanned, Bethesda replied thusly…

“We cannot give a statement at the moment, but will answer your questions in a couple of weeks.”

That’s definitely a more telling response than your typical “no comment.” If Bethesda wasn’t working on anything, why would they string us along, teasing an answer in a couple weeks?

It would certainly make sense for Bethesda to be working on a re-release, remaster or maybe even full remake of Fallout 3. Fallout 4 has been an unexpected smash for the company, already selling over 10 million copies. Unfortunately, Fallout 4 also took a very long time to make (over seven years) so Bethesda may be looking for ways to keep the Fallout gravy train flowing, given Fallout 5 probably won’t be here any time soon. They’re already working on a ton of DLC, but the return of Fallout 3 may be the next step.

What do you folks think? Interested in taking another spin through Fallout 3‘s wasteland? If so, what improvements do you think Bethesda needs to focus on?

via IGN

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