‘Fallout 4’ Is Reportedly Responsible For A Large Drop In Traffic For Sites Like Pornhub

Shutterstock / Bethesda

If you haven’t played Fallout 4 at this point, we can’t recommend enough that you rectify that right now. If you have played it, you know how it manages to suck the time away from you. There’s a lot to do and it holds your attention, leaving time for little else. And people are noticing, like the fine folks over at Pornhub. Upon the game’s release on Tuesday, the sites traffic dipped ten percent for the day. To visualize it, Pornhub put together this handy chart to showcase the data for the day:

Much like your typical Pornhub session, the day built up to a release of tension in the late part of the evening. This is likely right before bed and once the wasteland had tested the last nerve of many players and they needed to ease their frustration.

As they said over at The Next Web, knocking down the traffic on the most popular pornography site on the Internet is a pretty clear indication that you’re a big deal. And you’re pretty fun, despite the glitches that pop up with your gameplay.

(Via The Next Web)