Famous Pop Culture Gunmen Wielding Zappers? Famous Pop Culture Gunmen Wielding Zappers.

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11.23.12 2 Comments

Kent Sheely has a dream. A dream of taking famous movie stills, and replacing them with Nintendo Zappers. And he’s pretty far along in achieving that dream.
What’s most impressive about these, beyond the fact that he thought this up and actually photoshopped quite a few examples of it, is the fact that he actually matches the quality of the image fairly closely most of the time. It’s not always perfect, especially if he has to use a CGI model instead of a photo of the actual Zapper, but most of the time, you have to zoom into the image quite a bit to make out where it was put into the image.
We’ve grabbed the nerdiest examples, but you should look at the whole collection, as it does not get old to see a Zapper discharging ammo.
Or you could just look at these examples…

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