‘Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them’ Might Introduce Us To Younger ‘Harry Potter’ Characters

The latest trailer for Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, the upcoming Harry Potter spinoff, gave fans the biggest look at the movie yet. The story centers around New Scamander’s adventures in New York City nearly a century before Harry Potter even came onto the scene. The most recent clips reveled that the story will share some similarities with all of Harry’s adventures. Mainly, a Hogwarts student is getting into various scrapes that involve magical creatures and fellow wizards. There’s a lot that is new as well though, including a first visit to the United States’ magical world and a completely different time period to explore.

Besides the obvious overlaps in the magical world that are bound to come up such as Ministry of Magic hearings and making sure no muggles discover the secret world of wizarding – it is the same universe after all – there might be some surprises for longtime fans as well. As seen in the most recent trailer, the movie will definitely name drop Albus Dumbledore in some capacity when discussing Newt’s expulsion from Hogwarts. But will a young Dumbledore, or other historic wizards, actually be seen in the film? The cast was as adept at avoiding the answer to that question as the Game of Thrones cast has been at declining to say whether Jon Snow is a goner or not. Lot’s of “maybes” and “mights” when discussing the possibility, but all that means is that fans can let their imaginations run wild about who could pop up.

Dumbledore was definitely alive at the time, so could there be a childhood McGonagall in play? Or another former headmaster oft referenced in the Harry Potter books? With a massive world to explore, there’s a ton of opportunities for cameos of younger characters. It’s just up to JK Rowling whether they will actually be seen in the film or just heard.

(via MTV News)