‘Deadpool’ Makes A Cameo To Promote This Extended ‘Fantastic Four’ Trailer

Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four opens this Friday, and we thought the massive video dump over the weekend was Fox’s last push, but they weren’t finished. During last night’s Monday Night RAW, Fox aired a nearly four-minute long extended trailer for the film, with a guest appearance by five-time Academy Award viewer Deadpool with a special message after the trailer ends.

The Deadpool footage is from the same set as the trailer for the trailer, just with a different punchline this time. Now, Fox is trying to lure us into Fantastic Four showings to see a Deadpool trailer. That’s an intriguing offer, but what I really want to see right now is surveillance video of what Kate Mara, Micheal B. Jordan, and Jamie Bell said to each other right after this terrible interview.

(Via CBM)