Farmville: So Good You’ll Kill Your Child For Interrupting

10.29.10 7 years ago 2 Comments

Just when I’d started to regain some amount of faith in humanity, right on schedule, a news story comes along that registers a solid 11 on the disturbing-as-hell scale. Starring in today’s episode is 22-year-old Alexandra V. Tobias from Jacksonville, FL -I’m assuming she’s a Riff Raff impersonator, purely based on the mugshot.

Look, I’m only making light, because I’m too immature to handle the terrible parts of this article: the fact that Alexandra became so immersed during a Farmville session that the sound of her crying three-month-old caused her to snap, turning all non compos mentis on her infant son.

She told investigators she became angry because the baby was crying while she was playing a computer game called FarmVille on the Facebook social-networking website.

Tobias told investigators that she shook the baby, smoked a cigarette to compose herself and then shook him again. She said the baby may have hit his head during the shaking.

Tobias entered her plea Wednesday before Circuit Judge Adrian G. Soud. A second-degree murder charge is punishable by up to life in prison. [FloridaTimesUnion]

Yeah so, um, please don’t feel obligated to thank me for helping you reach your quota of depressing stories for the day. Here I am trying to get my girlfriend to become more interested in video games and yet now I find myself questioning my own logic. Guess she better focus on that career as an arsonist, instead. Much safer.

Special thank to Kotaku for the nightmares.

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