See Chuck Palahniuk Enter The World Of ‘Fight Club 2’ In This Exclusive Preview Of Issue #3

Last year at San Diego Comic-Con it was announced that iconic author Chuck Palahniuk would continue the story of Fight Club after nearly twenty years with the help of Cameron Stewart, David Mack and Dark Horse Comics. A year later and the series has earned rave reviews as it heads into its third issue, which will hit stands on July 22.

Things may have changed for Sebastian, Marla and Tyler Durden, but you can’t change who you really are, and as these exclusive pages from the third issue show, these characters are going back to their beginnings (and the Project Mayhem house) and welcoming an interesting new character into the process — Chuck Palahniuk, himself.

Here’s Palahniuk, by way of Dark Horse Comics, on his decision to enter his work.

“By openly acknowledging the mechanics of film, David Fincher made his version seem more real and more mythic at the same time,” said Palahniuk. “By dragging my own creative process into FC2 I’m doing the equivalent of demonstrating splices, reel change-over marks, film breaks and rattling the film in the movie projector gate.”

And here are those six pages, including the cover, which cleverly recalls the cover from issue #2.

If you’re at SDCC, be sure to check out Fight Club 2 panel in Room 5AB between 7-8 pm. Marla and Tyler Durden cosplay is encouraged. Fight Club 2 #3 debuts on Wednesday July 22 wherever fine comic books are sold.